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Bali Tide

What if an ancient porcelain vase filled with gold turned up buried in a rice field in Bali and local legend told of three more? What if this priceless artifact also contained a deadly virus that threatened to destroy the world? You are a retired SAS commando working as an importer in Bali and you’ve been brought out of retirement by the government to locate the remaining three before a terrorist network or bounty hunter does. To what lengths would you go? Would you outwit the terrorists and the bounty hunters that are stalking you? Would you kill or be killed?

These are the questions that Chad Handlemann must resolve in the explosive novel, Bali Tide. The deeper Chad digs into the mystic past of the Vases the more trouble finds him.

When Chad discovers that his secret family legacy is to protect the hidden vases he faces a new dilemma. A series of deadly encounters with terrorists and his arch-rival, a bounty hunter named Quan Lim, makes Wells wonder if there will ever be a way out.


Novel Synopsis 

When an ancient Ming vase is unearthed in a rural village in Bali, an old legend is rekindled.  The legend tells of a fortune in gold and a deadly plague contained in sealed vases that have remained hidden in Bali since the time of Dutch occupation.

The rumours attract a ruthless trader, Lim Quan and the feared al-Nassar, a specialist in bio-terrorism. The threat of a new biological weapon in terrorist hands also sees the power of the US military enter the arena, together with the beautiful but treacherous specialist in antique porcelain named Sari who has an agenda all of her own.

Chad Handelmann, a retired Australian SAS officer of Balinese descent, is recruited by the Government to head up the search for the vases and a deadly race has begun. Chad is later shocked to discover an ancient family legacy demanding that his family must protect the vases at all costs. A desperate and deadly search begins through exotic Balinese villages and impenetrable jungle to the sacred mountains beyond. It is here in an ancient Pegeng Temple that mortal danger awaits them as well as the greatest shock of all.


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