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Bali TideBali Tide
Poseidon, 2006

The Milan ParadoxThe Milan Paradox
Poseidon, 2005

The Himalyan Gene Himalaya Gene
Poseidon, 2008

Orisis RingOsiris Ring
Poseidon, 2016

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Bali Tide
The Milan Paradox
 The Himalayan Gene Osiris Ring
Paul Froomes, Author - Bali Tide, The Milan Paradox, The Himalayan Gene and Osiris Ring.
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The Milan Paradox

What if disease had become the greatest threat to human survival? What if the President of the United States developed incurable cancer at forty-two? You are America’s best cancer surgeon and you’re powerless to stop it. To what lengths would you go to find a cure? Would you steal the technology? Would you break the law?

These are the questions Dr Taylor Wells must resolve in the novel, The Milan Paradox. When he discovers the President’s illness, he is asked to spy on Milan’s secretive Cancer Centre, where a miracle cure is thought to exist. But the deeper Wells discovers about the bizarre practices in Milan, the more horrific this cure appears. A series of discoveries makes Wells wonder if the President is as honourable as he seems.

Taylor Wells digs for the truth and unearths secrets and morally corrupt practices that lead to the very infrastructure of the government. Secrets that touch even Wells himself, but he may be signing his own post mortem.


Novel Synopsis

America and the world face a deadly threat. Individual life expectancy is falling dramatically. Despite the enforcement of stringent controls covering every conceivable health risk, the situation appears irreversible. Desperation grips the American people.

Paradoxically, in one European city, Milan, the people are enjoying living to an increasingly ripe old age. Professor Gullaci, Milans outspoken critic of America’s preventative health policy urges the Milanese to enjoy a wild and indulgent lifestyle lacking the controls enforced elsewhere.

When the health of the U.S. President fails, a secret organisation sends America’s brightest surgeon, Dr Taylor Wells, to Milan to investigate.  With the help of an undercover agent, nurse Daniella Scolaro, Wells uncovers state of the art research technology. This technology is the ultimate high stakes prize that nobody can afford to lose. When marine special-forces Captain Brad Scorpion Talbot is sent in to the underground research facility to secure the technology the situation explodes.

If the President is to be cured, the world must first face an unprecedented moral dilemma regarding the future of the human race.

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