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Bali TideBali Tide
Poseidon, 2006

The Milan ParadoxThe Milan Paradox
Poseidon, 2005

The Himalyan Gene Himalaya Gene
Poseidon, 2008

Orisis RingOsiris Ring
Poseidon, 2016

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Bali Tide
The Milan Paradox
 The Himalayan Gene Osiris Ring
Paul Froomes, Author - Bali Tide, The Milan Paradox, The Himalayan Gene and Osiris Ring.
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Himalaya Gene

In the near future, accelerated aging has become the greatest threat to human survival. What if the world’s greatest anti-aging researcher was murdered to keep his incredible discovery secret, and the woman you love disappeared investigating his death? You are America’s best cancer surgeon and it’s up to you find her and solve the riddle of his death. To what lengths would you go to find your lover? Would you solve the murder? Would you discover the lost secret of anti-aging?

These are the questions Dr Taylor Wells must resolve in Himalaya Gene. When his lover disappears on a mission to solve a murder, Wells is thrust into a daring rescue high in the Himalayan Mountains. There, living on the Hunza River, he discovers a population of  villagers who live to an incredible age. Fascinated, he begins his own genetic research trying to unlock the murdered researcher’s secret. He soon discovers that an ancient Hunza ritual holds the key to the secret of anti-aging. Wells must take the ritual to uncover the truth, but he may be signing his own death warrant.

Novel Synopsis

A new terror is gripping the population - rapid premature aging. Falling life expectancies have forced Governments all over the globe to breaking point. They have turned to medical research as the only hope for the future. Medical research labs are now under the control of intelligence agencies given the enormous potential of breakthrough therapies. The new cold war is not an arms race, it’s a medical research race.

When a secret genetic research lab hidden in the Himalaya Mountains is unexpectedly destroyed and its leader, Professor Donald Sable, the world’s leading anti-aging researcher is found murdered, rumours of a revolutionary new ant-aging discovery spark a desperate search. The U.S. Anti-Cancer Intelligence Department, led by Jack Kenrick dispatch there best agent Daniella Scolaro to Pakistan to follow Sable’s last movements.

But when Scolaro and her team unexpectedly go missing, her lover, Professor Taylor Wells, America’s brightest cancer surgeon, backed by marine special forces Captain Talbot lead a mission to find her.

After a daring rescue, Wells finds amongst the people of an isolated village in the Hunza Valley a long history of extreme old age. His curiosity leads him to take up the hunt for the secret of their longevity. Suddenly, he finds himself inextricably caught up in an ancient Hunzakut ritual that promises to unlock the secret of aging. In the race to unlock the secret, he must first survive a deadly betrayal.

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