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Osiris Ring Set amongst the mysteries of ancient Egypt, Osiris Ring is the latest medical thriller from the acclaimed author Paul Froomes. Published in 2016, this novel continues the saga of Professor Wells and agent Daniella Scolaro and surpases all expectations.

Novel Synopsis

Welcome to the thrilling third novel in the Taylor Wells series called Osiris Ring. When Wells unexpectedly receives a posthumous copy of his murdered cousin’s thesis that pinpoints the location of a lost ancient Egyptian treasure, the hunt is on.

Pursued by modern followers of the Egyptian Cult of Osiris, Wells launches into the murder investigation, only to be lured into solving the secret of his cousin’s archaeological research. But the deeper Wells digs into the maze of archeological clues, the more frequent become the attempts on his life.

Deep in the tombs of the Valley of Kings Wells makes a miraculous discovery, one that could change the future of medicine forever. Will he bring the treasure home or will he face an eternity encased in a dead pharaoh’s burial chamber? As the keystone grates in its track, the last breath of air seals off and the slender crack of light gives way to total darkness.

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